Het restaurant is definitief gesloten.
Le restaurant est définitivement fermé.

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00:00 Ivory Coast Song
03:30 The Ghost Of Rhodes Castle
06:49 A Spaniard In The Balkan
09:59 Bali Coast Impression
13:18 A Peru Tale
16:58 Jamaica: Rastafarian
21:42 The Sahara Caravan
25:56 A Brazilian In Hungary
29:11 A Trip To India
32:27 A Costa Rica Scene
35:51 North Amerika: Nine Mile Canyon
39:19 African Wildlife Park
42:18 A Brazilian Toucan Tale
46:05 Dancing In Athens
49:15 Egyptian Sphinx Enigma
52:19 An African In Russia
55:31 Irish landscape
58:45 Panda Bears From China
01:02:15 Australia Under The Stars